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AC Repair, HVAC Repair, & Air Duct Cleaning

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Whether you need standard repair or maintenance services or a full replacement for your HVAC or Air Conditioning units, home service pros can meet you in the middle and leave your home or business feeling better than before.

the three tiers of NYC HVAC service:

Affordable, prompt, and effective

Our skilled HVAC professionals are equipped both with the knowledge and tools necessary to tackle any HVAC repair or maintenance needs you might have. There’s nothing they can handle thanks to their decades of experience and extensive parts collection. Take a look at our main services below.

Air Conditioning Repair

AC systems going kaput can lead to an uncomfortable summer or a sweltering sweatshop. Let us check out your AC unit and figure out what the problem is before applying the right maintenance or repair solution. We can even help you replace your AC unit if it’s too old to be properly maintained anymore.

HVAC Repair

HVAC systems are complex, but their repairs don’t need to be. We can easily determine what’s wrong with your furnace, thermostat, or any other component in an HVAC system. This allows us to effect repairs quickly and capably without taking weeks to finish things up.

Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts naturally collect contaminants, but you don’t need to put up with them. Let us clean your air ducts for you and place several safeguards to prevent bacteria and mold from growing within your air duct system. You’ll enjoy fresher air and a safer home as a result.

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HVAC repair you can trust.

Occasional HVAC maintenance and repair are facts of life, but there are too many subpar services in the Orlando area to count.

That’s why we were founded with the intent of providing quality service to all of our customers. Wish us, you’ll only encounter reliable professionals who know exactly what they’re doing for an affordable price.

Whether you need regular maintenance on your window AC unit or replacement for a a central heating/cooling system, we can help you. Even better, we can provide you with the service you need for an affordable price.

At Melco, Home Service Pros,

our service is focused on three main ideas or tiers. They accurately represent what we prioritize whenever we accept a contract.



At Home Express Services, we strive to delivery better quality service than the competition.



Your AC or HVAC units dying can lead to intense discomfort, so we’ll send someone out to your home right away when we get a call.



Our solutions will provide lasting results; you won’t need to call us back for another consultation once our technicians fix things up.